3D Printed Gifts – A New Dimension

3D Printed Gifts – An Entirely New Dimension

One of life’s most difficult tasks is to choose a gift for someone you love or for a colleague or even a close relative. You might have an idea what the person would want and would cherish, but you may not be able to lay your hands on such a gift. You could be looking for a unique gift while all gift shops are full of mass manufactured articles. But now, here it is: 3D PRINTED GIFTS.

Yes! Technology has evolved to an extent that you can get an one off object 3D printed to your chosen design at an affordable cost. Many will be tempted to ask, but how is it feasible when even in the traditional 2 dimensional printing costs are indirectly proportional to the quantity ordered for printing? But it is indeed true NOW!

3D Printing Technology

3D printing technology has been in existence for over two decades, restricted to segments which needed manufactured articles like a spare part or a special tool which would have cost hugely given the small quantities. Now the industry has moved on and 3D printing is believed to be a huge game changer in many fields, including the field of medicines. The unique aspect of 3D printing technology is that you can print on practically any material, plastics, metals, nylon and 80 to 100 different materials! For gifting purposes, here comes the crucial factor, cost without compromising on quality, making plastics the most preferred material for 3D printing.

It all starts with a Computer Aided Design (CAD) of the article, stored in the form of a file. This has to be then created into a 3D model detailing the thin layers one upon another and this file is then fed into the 3D printer which will do layer by layer printing till the product gets its form. Since the technique involves adding layers one by one, as opposed to the traditional manufacturing techniques where the raw materials are scrapped to make a product, 3D printing is termed to be an additive process or additive technology which comes along with added benefits.

3D Printed Gifts

We are looking more closely at the revolution in the designing and printing of gifts through 3D printing technology. There is virtually no limit to the 3D printed gifts. We can design, personalize and print using this technology. So, from just having a picture superimposed on a T-shirt or a coffee mug, you could catapult to having a complete set of chess coins with names written on it! How about a mobile cover with your zodiac sign and your friend’s name superimposed in the color you like? Or a key holder in any shape from cycle to guitar or a doll?

Virtually anything you find in the market and wish to have it made as a personalized gift could be 3D printed and made at unbelievably low cost. What’s more when you need not even step out!

Just choose an item from the website, add your personalized message and place the order and the 3D printed gift will be in your hands within days. Saving the best for the last, your options don’t end here! If you wish your creative idea to be given a form, just upload your CAD file and there comes your own unique gift to your doorstep. For some, creativity and CAD knowledge may not have to coexist, so comes our CAD team to bridge the gap.

A Trophy For Indian School of Business designed by arttsy (Details to come soon)

A loving husband's creativity brought to life by arttsy.com

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Prospects are never ending with 3D Printing

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