Our story with 3D Printing


In life there are a few things that make us excited and happy, a baby’s smile, mom’s hug, a friends joke, seeing your company grow! Today ARTTSY is creating some of the coolest products using one of the coolest ways. When the idea of ARTTSY occurred to us, we were excited, optimistic and dared to face anything.

So, the first step was to get the 3D printer, the printer was to be imported from USA as it was not available in India. To get the printer shipped to India was a long and tiresome process. When the printer was shipped to India, it got stuck with the customs for more than a month. I guess 3D printers were not that common with Indian customs that they had almost no idea to which category the 3D printer would come. So, we had to do a lot explanation and after a lot of persuasion, the wait was finally over, the 3D printer left the customs office. It was ‘Yaay!! we got it’ moment for us. We were more excited than ever that we wanted to start printing right away. But in reality, we missed out an important part: ‘the process’ of 3D printing.

The process itself was another whole story. We had problems like setting up the printer, raw materials and so on. The printer needed to be configured accordingly, pivoting on factors like strength of the product, its size, complexity, finish and of course, the raw material. Being Engineers and MBAs, we were quite puzzled on how the printer works. But we challenged ourselves and we got the better out of it. We learned everything, from 3D printing to trouble shooting the printer. We went back and forth on our process. Our dependencies and variables were too much that we had a hard time to achieve a fine product and that tested our patience many a times that if not for our passion, we would have thought if it is wrong idea after all.

When you put your heart and soul into something and work forward towards a singular goal you are meant to achieve it. We worked hard, really hard and soon we were able to achieve what we wanted to offer to our customers.

ARTTSY is now provides cell phone accessories, gifts – birthday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, personalized gifts for him and her, custom keychains, toys, home décor, unique gifts like figurine and the list is growing! We believe in not just printing objects but to engrave a lasting impression and that is why we work with customers to create an embodiment of their creative side and that of their emotions! Here are some of our engravings

After all the shortcoming that we went through, seeing our customers feeling happy and excited owning our products gives us the boost to go forward. Beyond this excitement, it has given us the hope on ARTTSY and its future.

Team Arttsy

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