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Of the many curves that life throws at us, the critical one is not to procrastinate. It could be a long pending vacation, paying our bills, submitting a report, preparing for exams, even buying gifts! While the former few might not have a physical effect, the last one is highly probable, especially if you have a lovable and strong partner! [Pun intended :-)]

There could be no one who has not experienced the adrenaline rush of getting a gift for our loved ones. One has to agree that it is stressful and most of the times, we are pushed to settle for something that is common, ordinary and not very special. It might not be intentional in most cases. It is believed that one can express his love and admiration for a person through his gift. With work stress and attempts to reach a perfect work-life balance, it is only normal to start planning a little late and in this particular case, a day before! Newly-wed Rajashekar walked in to our store with a request. It was his wife, Madhuri’s birthday, the next day and it was more special as this was her first birthday after their wedding.  He wanted a special, one of its kind gift for her, just like she is for him! He had a real lot of ideas and we on the other hand had a couple of hours before us.

But that is the strength of ARTTSY and this is what we are here to do ‘to give LIFE to ideas’

A mass produced item cannot reflect one’s true style and need. Why would anyone opt for such a gift that is available for everyone? Even more when the recipient is special and the gift needs to be as unique as the person is to you.

That is why we, at ARTTSY, channelize the creativity of our clients and help bring life to their own ideas.

Back to the story of Rajashekar. The hubby wanted a small tree, portraying his family tree, with his wife’s name somewhere on the tree indicating her inclusion into his family. He also had a private message for her, to be etched in the base of the tree.

3D Printed gift from a loving husband printing in our 3D printer
Rajashekar’s love tree being printed

We wrapped up on pattern of a tree with his wife’s name written across, kind of hanging down the branches, in a pretty font with alternating green and red colors (Madhuri’s favorite colors we guessed). And the tree was to be placed on a circular base where his secret message was etched. (No, we are not revealing that here!).

The entire gift was done as three parts. The tree was created first and then the base with the message. Finally her name was designed and added across. Rajashekar was happy and couldn’t wait to see the excitement on his wife’s face when see would have his gift in her hands. We could see a happy man when he walked out of our store that night!

If there is something in the world that cannot be quantitatively defined, undoubtedly it is love! Madhuri was, by all means, thrilled beyond words on receiving a gift she hadn’t even imagined. A gift that showed the time and effort her loving husband had invested on to emote his love for her! And for us, our hard work got paid off when one of our products became a symbol of their everlasting love!!!

Doesn't the picture convey how hurried we were ;-)

Arttsy Team

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